Day Surgery & Operating Theatres

New Theatre Admissions Unit and Day Surgery facility 

Following the success of the TAU which was originally opened in 2008, a  new purposely built Theatre Admissions unit opened in March this year. In addition, a new Day Surgery Unit has also been built and opened on 19th August. 2013.  

The combined units accommodate adult patients undergoing planned surgical procedures in main Theatre. Seven new staff have joined the original team and will work in both areas.    

The aim of the unit is to improve and enhance the patient’s journey throughout their stay by providing a calm and relaxed area for patients whilst waiting for their surgery.  

Patients are then escorted into the Day surgery unit to get changed in readiness for their procedure. Once patients are changed they will sit for a short period in a single sex area until they are escorted for surgery.  

In-patients are transferred to the in-patient wards following surgery direct from Recovery. Day cases return to the Day surgery unit and are discharged home a few hours later.          

Comments received from patients so far have been favourable.

Operating Theatres

The Operating Theatres within the Trust provide a safe, clean environment in which patients undergo a variety of surgical procedures.  These range from minor to major/complex surgery.

The Trust Theatre compliment is as follows:-

Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Seven main theatres which manage General, Vascular, Urology, ENT, OMFS and Ophthalmology.

Three Orthopaedic Theatres which manage Elective and Trauma & Orthopaedic surgery.

Two Women’s Services Theatres which manage Breast and Gynaecology surgery.  There are also two obstetric theatres.

There is an emergency 24-hour theatre service provided on this site.

Endoscopy is a valuable service provided on three sites of the Trust, Doncaster Royal Infirmary, Bassetlaw Hospital and Montagu Hospital.

Doncaster and Bassetlaw endoscopy units have attained full JAG accreditation with excellent feedback.


In recent years, the Endoscopy service has expanded rapidly in response to the changing needs of the population, higher expectations of patients and the introduction of access targets.  Last year the endoscopy departments undertook 14,832 procedures compared with 12,325 five years ago.

Our current services and future work are based upon a set of values that help us work together to provide excellent care and


  • treat people with dignity and respect
  • deliver care in partnership with others
  • continually strive for clinical excellence
  • be committed to excellence in education and training
  • be open and honest with each other and those outside the organisation.


Across both sites, our highly skilled team provides diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy. The range of procedures undertaken includes:


·        Diagnostic Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy/Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

·        Therapeutic Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy/Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

·        ERCP

·        Oesophageal Stent

·        Bronchoscopy

·        Bowel cancer screening clinics and colonoscopy lists


The endoscopy service is anxious to provide services on all three of the Trust hospital sites and is convinced that there is enough work to undertake endoscopic procedures five days a week on each site if facilities are improved. It is essential that the current waiting time of two weeks for urgent and cancer target patients and five weeks for routine patients are maintained. 

The benefits of undertaking endoscopy on three sites are:


  • more accessible, responsive and faster service
  • care provided closer to home
  • improved patient experience
  • enable greater patient choice
  • earlier outcome of condition
  • maintain key performance indicators such as waiting times, two-week waits and 18-weeks RTT
  • avoid target breaches
  • reduction in length of stay
  • income generation
  • integrated service
  • better use of facilities
  • competitive in the market place.


Endoscopy contact numbers:

Doncaster Royal Infirmary tel 01302 644167

Bassetlaw Hospital tel 01909 502444.


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