Dermatology (Skin)

The Dermatology service is centered at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, with other units at Bassetlaw and Mexborough Hospitals.

The Consultant Dermatologists are  Dr Bruce Bittiner and Dr Saleem Loghdey . They provide dermatology services across three sites with the expertise of two associate specialists, two staff grade doctors and three clinical assistants.

Doncaster Royal Infirmary has six in-patient beds with trained specialist dermatology nurses.

A dedicated day treatment facility at Doncaster has given patients greater flexibility of treatment, improved compliance and shortened the length of stay on the ward


A highly motivated team provides a patient-centered service and maximises staff potential. We endeavour to empower patients so that they can live their lives to the full despite their skin disease. As many of our patients and their families struggle with chronic disease, we have adapted a chronic skin disease management approach. We plan to see these patients regulary until they have sufficient knowledge of their condition and treatment to self-manage their disease, with our support.


Our priorities are high-quality effective treatment, ease of access, education, treatments flexibly tailored to individual diseases, personal needs and circumstances. Education at all levels is considered extremely important - individually to the patient, at district level for health promotion, and at PCT level for the education of GPs, community and practice staff. 

The service

Daily out-patient clinics are held at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, three days a week at Bassetlaw and weekly at Mexborough. There are skin surgery sessions at all sites with dedicated operating theatres.

Clinics include general dermatology, paediatric dermatology, gynaecology dermatology, contact dermatitis, rapid access for suspected skin cancer, lesions, skin surgery, leg ulcer clinics and cosmetic camouflague

GPSI and Dermatology Nurse Practitioner clinics held in Doncaster and Bassetlaw PCTs

Nurse Led Clinics include:

  • Ultra-Violet Light Therapy - PUVA and TLO1 narrowband UVB
  • Skin sugery
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Drug monitoring
  • Patch Testing  and Prick Testing
  • Latex Allergy Testing
  • Leg Ulcer treatments
  • Day treatment
  • Health Education    
  • Cryotherapy and Cantharone treatments
  • Cosmetic Camouflague
  • Iontopheresis

Future Plans

Appointment of a third Consultant Dermatologist

Appointment of Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist

Contact Details

Outpatient reception 01302 366666 extension 3830

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Bruce Bittiner  (Secretary 01302 366666 ext 4169)

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Saleem Loghdey (Secretary 01302 366666 ext 4643) 

Sister in Charge Sandra Veater 01302 366666 ext 3830



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