Children's Services

Children's Services Business Unit: Vision and values 

The key values of Children's Service is to focus on four main principles of care for children (taken from Children First: A Study of Hospital Service, Audit Commission 1993).

  • Child and Family Centred Care
  • Specially Skilled Staff
  • Effective Treatments
  • Appropriate Hospitalisation

The values are:

  • Provide access to care and treatment of the highest quality that is evidence based, effective and safe.
  • In respect of children who are ill, the aim is to prevent admission to hospital where possible and where this is not possible providing safe, effective care and high quality care to enable the child to return to the home environment as quickly as possible.
  • Create a positive experience for the child and family, ensuring that care is child and family centred.
  • Ensure care is provided within an environment suited to the needs of children and young people, with appropriate facilities to support families in caring for their child.
  • Ensure care and treatment is provided by staff that are suitably trained and experienced in caring for children and families and that these staff are appropriately supported and developed.
  • Work in partnerships with others to deliver care and support to children, young people and families.
  • Enable families and carers to participate in the care of the child and ensure that children and young people themselves, where possible, are empowered to make decisions about care and treatment.
  • Promote best practice and work actively to continuously improve services and promoting integrated and high quality services for children and young people.


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