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About us

Every member of staff contributes to patient care, and has a personal stake in our future success. Success depends on our ability to work together, to do things right first time and in ways that reflect the needs and the wishes of the people we serve.

Achieving our objectives demands leadership, inspiration, confidence and teamwork, backed up by effective communication and staff involvement throughout the Trust.

Clinical effectiveness and financial efficiency go together. Our success as a Trust depends on the standards and quality of patient services, the way in which we work, and the people who provide those services. Commitment to effectiveness and efficiency, and co-operation with our partners, volunteers, members, and governors, will ensure that we deliver these goals for patients. 

Our Strategic Direction document sets out our strategic ambitions for the next five years. To view the document Looking forward to our future - Our Strategic Direction: 2013 - 2017, please click here. To view the summary document please click here.




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